Medical Image Annotation Expert

MEDO.ai is a health-tech startup, dual headquartered in Edmonton and Singapore. We are looking for passionate and talented medical image (ultrasound) analysts/sonographers to join our team as a Medical Image Annotation Experts.

The successful hire will play a key role in providing high quality image annotations and segmentations from ultrasound images that could then be used for testing and development of MEDO’s cutting edge AI technologies.

You will be working as part of a multidisciplinary team of scientists, clinicians and engineers who are creating artificial intelligence technologies to impact the lives of millions around the world.


  • Provide annotations and expert level interpretation of common ultrasound scans, such as thyroid, breast and liver scans
  • Provide clinical diagnosis for conditions commonly diagnosed using ultrasound
  • Attend training sessions regarding ultrasound image annotation procedure and tools
  • Estimate level and time required for image annotation tasks
  • Maintain a record of images annotated and periodically submit annotations to expert radiologists for review
  • Help in design and implementation of clinical protocols for clinical studies in radiology
  • Liaise with MEDO’s AI team for specific use cases


  • Degree related to Medical Ultrasound
  • Prior experience in acquiring and interpreting clinical ultrasound scans
  • The ideal candidate would also have a basic knowledge of Machine Learning and Image Processing

Job Type

Full-time or Part-time with flexible working hours

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